Barbayianni Ouzo Blue 200ml

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Barbayannis Blue Label Greek Ouzo has a pleasant scent and delicate flavour due to the sweet smell of aniseed and herbs.

For the past five generations, the Barbayannis Ouzo Distillers in Plomari, Lesvos Greece have been lovingly producing the classic Blue Ouzo liquor. They use the traditional method, brought by Efstathios Barbayannis from Russia in 1860, achieving 100% distillation of the ouzo. This ouzo liquor consists of an alcohol content of 46% Vol. and contains the distinctive water of Plomari Lesvos. The renowned Ouzo Barbayanni Blue has a pleasant scent, a pure and transparent colour, and a delicate flavour, creating on your palate sensations of spring breezes and sun-kissed seas.

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